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Original Covid 19 notices have been moved to the bottom of the page.

Please read our  7th Tradition notice.

Please read the '5 to stay alive' poster.                   

Dogs at meetings..... Please read the Flyer.                      

Medallion Price increase. See Flyer.

              The Golden Recordings of Father John Doe - Now available on USB or DVD!! See Flyer.

                           SEMA4Serenity now hosts a BBQ on the 1st Thursday of each month.  Uniting Church Hall, 146 Semaphore Rd.

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Please note; the online meetings list is being regularly updated - and has been upgraded - you can now easily search for re-opened meetings or online meetings. Please keep a check of meetings in your area.

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Original Covid 19 notices

Hello All. Please note the Important Notice from the General Service Board.

"There is a lot of misinformation circulating via Facebook groups etc. so please get this out to as many members as possible as quickly as possible. We will continue to keep you informed as developments occur."

PLEASE - Read the Letter To Groups. This means Temporarily Close your 'in person' meetings and consider creating an online meeting. Help is available to do so.

PLEASE - Remember The 7th tradition.

PLEASE - Become familiar with Online 7th tradition donations.    Our meetings may be closed but the offices still need to be funded.

When your the meeting is Temporarily Closed and If you create an online meeting, PLEASE notify our office and / or use the online meeting change provision.

30th April - Communiqué From THE GENERAL SERVICE BOARD Board-COVID-letter

See the attached letter from the board.


Please, stay safe and follow the recommended health warnings.


Easy Does It
First Things First
Live And Let Live
But For The Grace Of God
One Day At Time
Let Go And Let God
Kiss --- Keep It Super Simple
Act As If.........
This Too Shall Pass